About us

At Trident, we are a company of exceptional qualified professionals. Our values represent who we are and shape our interactions with our clients, retailers, the community and each other. The Trident team brings diversity, experience, energy, enthusiasm, responsible representation and reputation needed to successfully launch a manufacturer’s product. We offer selected products from responsible manufacturer’s.

Trident is committed to fostering an inclusive, accountable and empowering culture that celebrates the differences of our diverse membersand manufacturers, reflecting our core values. We seek to create an environment where everyone can bring their creative minds to work with assurance that their contributions are heard, seen and valued. We are actively pursuing these goals by focusing on the following areas:

1. Vision - Engaging visionary experienced and resourceful personnel who disrupt normal marketing trends

2. Communication - Aspiring to establish best communication between our manufacturers and vendors creating new marketing avenues.

3. Development – Developing and farming optimal market penetration in our chain

4. Relationships – Partnering with vendors, clients and customers to pursue initiatives that support our commitment to product prosperity.

The 3 Keys

Market development and market penetration are two keys of distinct company growth strategies. Effective Product development the third. Market development is the use of an existing product or service offering to attract new customer market, whereas market penetration is an effort to dig deeper within an existing market environment. Product acceptance in a competitive market is the challenge when we have to align the thoughts of manufacturer’s and end users wave lengths. Trident is proud to be vocal of the overall consulting of why products thrive or fail, advising manufacturers of trends and their solutions.